Alkaline Transformation for Lupus

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Achieving health doesn't just come from eating a specific diet or following a specific exercise routine. Balanced health comes from a combination of gut health, physical health, and brain health.

The Alkaline Transformation for Lupus program focuses on these three pillars of health so you can begin to get your Lupus under control.

With Lupus Gut Health, you'll get

  • Gut Health Fundamentals for treating leaky gut
  • Our Alkaline Food Plan, including food lists, shopping lists, menu planning, recipe book, etc.
  • Cooking with Dr. Connie videos and recipes
  • Newsworthy Nutrition Tips, which covers various nutrition topics that will allow you to shift Alkaline

With Lupus Physical Health, you'll get

  • Physical Health Fundamentals, including videos on Principles of Breathing, Posture 101, and Building Your Core
  • Beginner Yoga sequences
  • Posture Yoga sequences
  • Pain Reduction sequences for various body parts

With Lupus Brain Health, you'll get

  • Brain Health Fundamentals, which introduce the Beginner's Mind and Meditation
  • Guided Meditations for Inner Peace, Inspiration, Focus, Gratitude, Stress, Relationships, Personal Growth, Sleep, Confidence, and Self Acceptance

This comprehensive program allows you to transform all aspects of your life, while moving at your own pace. Sign up now to begin feeling better and see your symptoms reverse!

Alkaline Transformation for Lupus includes these courses

Welcome to the Alkaline Transformation for Lupus
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Lupus Gut Health Program
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Lupus Physical Health Program
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Lupus Brain Health Program
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